What would you change, if anything?

Ninety percent of the Roscoe Downsville community said they believe the shared superintendent arrangement is going well or they would like to see it continue but with some changes.

  • 30% said they would change nothing.
  • Others said they would like to know more about the superintendents schedule between the two districts and would seek a variety of other changes or improvements. Comments may be viewed here:

What would you change, if anything?

  • Nothing. It is working well (15 respondents said they would change nothing).
  • Better lines of communication between the different districts for faculty and staff in addition to administration, perhaps common conference days to discuss issues with similar departments and grade levels
  • Amount of time superintendent is in the building, services shared, sports locations
  • I don’t see a partnership between schools and that is the leader’s responsibility. It cannot be just through sports.
  • I would like to be aware of when Mr. Evans will be in the building.  I also don’t think it is necessary for his secretary to be in the office when he is not.
  • More presence on site.
  • I like how it brings the communities together
  • It’s very difficult to get into contact with the superintendent
  • Knowing which days he is available in our building
  • Nothing at this point.
  • Face time with the Superintendent
  • More presence in building
  • It takes a little getting used to, but I think it is working.
  • The Super should be available in each school on set days.
  • I would like to make a better effort to get to know our superintendent.
  • Most members on the board for starters. I don’t feel they handle the important situations correctly. I feel they brush a lot of things under the rug in the hopes no one finds out about it.
  • I think the schools should merge. I think that the kids from the Downsville side of Roscoe should merge with DCS. The other kids should merge with Livingston Manor. Roscoe is no more of a bus ride than East Branch is. Also- here is something I would change, has nothing to do with this survey but it bothers me just the same. Why is it that when soccer starts in the fall, that Roscoe kids get a bus to practice but the kids from East Branch don’t?
  • I hope that we share more services between schools and our communities become closer as a result of the sharing of sports first and then a Superintendent.
  • Faster decision making. At this time many decisions that impact me have had to wait until the superintendent was back in the building.
  • Perhaps more of a concrete schedule for time in each district (not sure of current schedule)
  • Something that needs to change at Downsville is how things are handled in the District office when the Superintendent is not there.
  • I hope it expands to other sharing between the districts
  • I would like to see more interaction with staff and students at the beginning of the year. It’s nice for the kids to be able to put a name with a face.
  • I think things are going well. No changes are necessary at this time. Our other three administrators have been given a stipend to take care of business while our Superintendent is out of district and I think this was a great decision and does allow them to take the lead if necessary.  There are enough “decision making people” around here that having a superintendent here only part of the time, makes it work well. And again, Mr. Evans is easily accessible by phone or email to help with those decisions.
  • Athletics seems to be a concern – too many students on teams/shared facilities doesn’t always work well.
  • I would like to know the schedule of when our Superintendent is in our building (for questions, meetings, etc).
  • Each unit kept as a single unit
  • More presence throughout the building when he is on sight.
  • Community perceptions that change is bad.  I would like people to be more open-minded and less immediately skeptical before they even know the impact.
  • Have no idea of when he will be “in district.”
  • Incorporate the same school policies between schools, especially since we also combined sports teams.
  • Have a “Welcome” event for Mr. Evans.
  • More meetings together



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