Shared Superintendent Law


A 2013 law permitted the establishment of shared superintendencies in school districts in New York State.

2013 New York Consolidated Laws
EDN – Education
Article 31 – (1501 – 1527-C) SCHOOL DISTRICTS
1527-C – Shared superintendent program.


§  1527-c.  Shared  superintendent  program. Notwithstanding any other

provision of law, rule or regulation  to  the  contrary,  the  governing

board  of a school district with an enrollment of less than one thousand

students in the previous year shall be authorized to enter into a school

superintendent sharing contract with no more than two additional  school

districts  each  of which had fewer than one thousand in enrolled pupils

in the previous year. Each shared superintendent  arrangement  shall  be

governed   by   the   boards   of  education  of  the  school  districts

participating in  the  shared  contract.  Provided  however,  that  this

section shall not be construed to alter, affect or impair any employment

contract  which  is  in  effect  on  or  before July first, two thousand

thirteen.  Any  school  district  which  has  entered  into   a   school

superintendent  sharing program will continue to be eligible to complete

such contract notwithstanding that the enrollment of the school district

exceeded  one  thousand  students   after   entering   into   a   shared

superintendent contract.


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