“Master Consolidation”

Patrick Darfler Sweeney, superintendent of Hunter-Tannersville Central School District in the Cakskills developed a master consolidation plan.

– Redistributing faculty and programs to where the students are actually located, rather than having the burden of physically moving the student body. It’s easier to have 20 teachers move rather than 500 students. This would also allow the board to see exactly what parents are looking for in their child’s education.

– Positions such as pupil service director, athletic director, cafeteria supervisor, facilities director, technology coordinator, transportation director, these are examples of positions that could all be centralized and shared among districts, and the savings would be approximately one-third to one-half the cost of the salaries/benefits

– If the state took over managing health benefits for all school employees in New York, the state would have huge leveraging ability due to the sheer number of people to be covered and would be able to negotiate a more stable and predetermined premium level to be paid by both employees and the school districts.

– I believe an enlarged district could conduct a one-to-one broadcast using free video conferencing (such as Skype or Face Time). Couple that with a teacher using a free platform such as Google Tools and you are facilitating high-tech learning skills, encouraging collaboration, and empowering student-teacher engagement without a huge investment.



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